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We are a Family

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we enter into the last week of April let us be reminded of those mentioned in the email lists and let us not forget the entirety of the brotherhood/sisterhood of Christ. Our efforts should extend far beyond these emails.

Let us always be mindful of our members who are struggling with illnesses of body and mind, those who are embarking on new journeys beyond the little walls of Jamestown, those who have been stumbling in their walk and have requested our prayers, and especially those who have chosen to put on Christ in baptism.

We are a family; let us support each other as such bearing in all things kindness and love and forgiveness casting off our own pride and selfishness. Let us not create divisions but give preference to one another. If there is any among us that needs comfort or company or encouragement or uplifting or prayers or money or correction let us readily supply them as Christ has for us and as many of us have for each other. I encourage us not to wait for a need, though, but actively pursue one another with these things and in so doing we will become a close knit family.

In Him,


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