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Do They Know?

(Matt. 7:16-20) Football. I'm sure that we all have someone come to mind when we think of the sport. Perhaps a friend, family member, or yourself. If someone is really into football, what can you expect from them? Well, you can expect something along these lines: -They watch it and know how the game is played. -They'll talk about it and be able to understand and defend certain ideas and plays. -Perhaps they play/played it themselves. -They might have jerseys, hats, posters, bumper stickers, flags/signs, etc. with their favorite player's number/name/team on it. -Maybe they even have something autographed by their favorite player. These are just a few examples, but the point is when someone is

The Protagonist

I was thumbing through my Bible the other day looking for inspiration for this week’s article. I stumbled upon a little note I had written to my future self; hidden somewhere in the back section of my Bible squeezed between some quick reference verses and some scribbled out text. The note said “It’s all about Jesus.” We know, of course, that the Biblical message is for us; for our salvation and spiritual growth. But the Bible, as a narrative, is all about Jesus. You see, every portion of the Bible follows the seed promise in some way, its fulfillment, and the fruits of that long lasting assurance. From the expulsion of man from the Garden of Eden around 4500BC, to the ‘soft reset’ of mankind

Practical Apathy

Every now and then, life seems to blow a hurricane of anxiety our way. All at once, a thousand different gusts of wind come at you demanding your attention and responsibility. You have 9 different tests this week for your 14 classes; college deadlines are closer than you hoped; a crying baby is demanding your attention; job applications need completed; the car needs an oil change; the girls room has a leak; and that report won’t write itself! As a result of this onset of stress, you’ve been getting more headaches; you need to see the doctor about those heart palpitations that have developed; sleep has become reluctant to come; you’ve been eating too many comfort foods and now your bottoms ar

Doubt's Domino Effect

This past weekend, our congregation held an “Evangelism Seminar,” which was all put together by Darrell McKee. We really got into the book, Muscle and a Shovel, and dissected the true purpose of evangelism for us as a congregation. There was one passage that really stuck out to me. It’s in chapter three, and if you have the newer edition, it is on page 32. It reads: “Doubt causes indecision. Indecision causes inaction. Inaction causes some of the most important things in life into that place where unimportant things reside. Inaction causes idleness. Idleness increases doubt. Doubt, indecision, inaction, idleness; all work like dominos that, once falling, lead to more doubt. It’s a vicious em

Stressed > Blessed

Life keeps on catching us by surprise. Basically how the weather has been the past couple days. Warm one day and cold the next. Snow seems to keep reappearing then suddenly disappearing. The day might begin with those many concerns that roam around in our mind. They seem to stress us out, and cause our anxiety to go haywire. We stress out in every situation we go through and it causes us to lose sleep. And when we think things can't get any worse we find out some very upsetting news that tears us apart. We start to stumble and turn away from God. We can't comprehend why God is letting all this happen. Why has He allowed us to go through all these troublesome times? Why does He seems so uncon

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