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The Protagonist

I was thumbing through my Bible the other day looking for inspiration for this week’s article. I stumbled upon a little note I had written to my future self; hidden somewhere in the back section of my Bible squeezed between some quick reference verses and some scribbled out text.

The note said “It’s all about Jesus.”

We know, of course, that the Biblical message is for us; for our salvation and spiritual growth. But the Bible, as a narrative, is all about Jesus. You see, every portion of the Bible follows the seed promise in some way, its fulfillment, and the fruits of that long lasting assurance.

From the expulsion of man from the Garden of Eden around 4500BC, to the ‘soft reset’ of mankind around 2500BC by the flood, to the growth of that often referenced lineage of Abraham around 1900BC, to the Mosaic Law in 1400BC preparing for His ministry, to the persistent patriarchal law from man’s first few steps to the cross.

We are reminded of the horrendous nature and gruesome consequences of sin under each system. In the Patriarchal and Mosaic laws we had animal sacrifices and, additionally, extremely strict lawful practices (Mosaic). What a terrible concept animal sacrifices were, right? An eye turning sight to have the blood of innocence shed. Those poor animals, right?

Not so, brethren. Well, of course it is sad (I’m not heartless), but the shedding of that innocent blood was to send us a clear and unavoidable message about the nature of sin and the need for a savior. God was continually showing us the need for His Son. God was patiently and persistently telling us the story of Jesus, in many ways and in many forms. God was establishing that we were dead in our sins and dead under the law, but that he would provide a sacrifice so perfect that we, even we, could be washed spotless. He would provide the final lamb, THE Lamb.

God set up the command (His word, omniscient) so that he could provide the sacrifice (from animals and strict practices to Jesus on the cross and dying to ourselves) so that he could establish a proper and conclusive progression of the priesthood (Patriarchs to Levites to Christians; 1 Peter 2:9).

The Bible is about Jesus, but it is for us.

What a beautiful thing to understand; to know that such great lengths were taken to tell the story of Jesus (from His spiritual presence, to His physical beginning, to His physical end, and finally to His spiritual ascension and His infinite propagation).

Today brethren, and every day, count your blessings. For whatever life has wrought, for wherever you may find yourself in the vast expanse of this world, for whatever ‘hand’ circumstance may have dealt you; know that there is a God and that He IS alive and that in Him we live and… well, you know the rest.



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