Peter & Paul

Count your Blessings

As we enter into the final week of May let us consider all that we have to be thankful for. As we often sing "count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done." We are blessed with so many things; our homes, our families, the very life we live, and especially for His Son who saves us and cleanses us and for the church which he has given to us. Lets make every effort be a part of the Lords family here in Jamestown; supporting one another, loving one another, and overcoming our own selfish ambitions and pride in order to effectively serve our God and his people. Be prayerfully and zealously abounding in this work. Tony

Our Lord and Master Keeps us Kindled

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope your fires are burning strong and your faith is being renewed daily. Our God is present all around us. He is evident in the beauty and complexity of our world. He is seen through the inspired Word, through the lives of others, by working through us, by guiding the hands of the faithful, and by washing our physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Let him into your lives, let him be your master, give him the throne. As we go about our week lets set aside time to give back to God and to give unto others what Christ has given and shown us. We are so very blessed to have our God and to have the church which he created for us. Let us make the church here i

Know God and Know His People

I hope everyone is revitalized and ready to head into this week with our hearts raised to God and our eyes focused on that cross. Let us always remember to run the race with endurance, to stay strong in our walk, and to take care to serve God as he commands. This implies we must know our God to know his message and part of that message is to know our brethren and to be there for one another. We are to be the kind of people who take that first step, to bridge gaps in relationships, to be humble with one another in solving conflicts, and to make sure that we are a part of that body; of that family. The growth of the church (of the family) takes a conscious effort and we ought to zealously be a

Give Preference to One Another

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The month of May officially begins today! As the weather begins to warm up and nature starts to blossom let us look to God's creation and see the joy all around us. He has given us so much to be thankful for and has truly blessed each of us with his love, kindness, forgiveness, creation, church, and only Son. He is the master we aught to serve and the only master which can guarantee us eternal peace and joy in heaven. As we start the month off lets be eager to serve one another and support one another in anyway that we can. As a family we should be an active part of each others lives growing as individuals and as a body and learning to rely on one another in ho

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