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Our Lord and Master Keeps us Kindled

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope your fires are burning strong and your faith is being renewed daily. Our God is present all around us. He is evident in the beauty and complexity of our world. He is seen through the inspired Word, through the lives of others, by working through us, by guiding the hands of the faithful, and by washing our physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Let him into your lives, let him be your master, give him the throne.

As we go about our week lets set aside time to give back to God and to give unto others what Christ has given and shown us. We are so very blessed to have our God and to have the church which he created for us. Let us make the church here in Jamestown a strong one. Let us be a close family, an honest family, and a loving family. That can only be accomplished by being active participants in each others lives and in the church, by overcoming selfishness with our time, and by striving to not be a "one day a week" family. I encourage you to study the relationship between the two brothers of Christ; Paul and Timothy (The books of first and second Timothy), to see how we aught to be with each other.

Don't forget as you are about this work to make a note of the "who's" and "what's" of your efforts in the folder out in the church foyer.

In Him,


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