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Reckless Love

When you think of the word reckless, usually reckless driving comes to mind along with the word carelessness. Evidently so the definition of the word reckless means, “utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless.” Now if I were to use the phrase, “the reckless love of God,” it would probably confuse many people. How on earth can God’s love be reckless? Unconcerned about our well being? That does not sound like our loving Father. But furthermore, the way God tends to love us even with our sinful nature is reckless. He is utterly unconcerned about the consequences it takes to save us, to get us to heaven. His love was so reckless, that He sent His son,

Decluttering Your Heart

It's springtime, which in my house means spring cleaning (which we usually don't get around to until the end of summer). We rid our house of the unnecessary stuff that just takes up space. It isn't fun to spring clean, and it definitely takes time, but the result is a clean, fresh start. Maybe in your own heart, you need to do some spring cleaning. Things are piling up, becoming stressors. Other things remind us of bad times in our lives. These are things that, in order to have the best relationship possible with God, we need to get rid of. We seem to take stress and worry, and clutter it into our minds. Learn to let go of whatever is cluttering your mind and keeps you from having a happy, h

Freedom, Responsibility, America, and Christianity

As a child grows, they acquire the ability to do and handle tasks that require more trust from the parents. It could be seen when the parent allows their child to use a knife to cut their own food. Or when a parent is able to leave their child home alone, expecting them to be responsible and well-behaved without supervision. Eventually, a parent may even allow their child to borrow the car in order to taste a bit more freedom, again trusting them to obey the laws of the road and act responsibly. But when that child begins to act unruly, or irresponsibly, the trust can be lost and those freedoms may be taken away as old boundaries must be put back in place to ensure the correct behaviors and

Dealing with Disappointments

It seems like every day there is something that doesn’t go according to plan. Whether it’s something you tried your best at and failed, or something you feel you didn’t work hard enough towards. We are faced with disappointments almost as much as we are blessed with happiness, but feeling disappointment isn’t exactly a “sinful thing”, as I’ve heard it described as. We are human, with human emotions, and feeling sadness is a natural thing. Disappointments are sort of an extension of sadness. Disappointment is “the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.” We ought to always have our hopes and expectations set on the highest goal, life with

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