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Decluttering Your Heart

It's springtime, which in my house means spring cleaning (which we usually don't get around to until the end of summer). We rid our house of the unnecessary stuff that just takes up space. It isn't fun to spring clean, and it definitely takes time, but the result is a clean, fresh start.

Maybe in your own heart, you need to do some spring cleaning. Things are piling up, becoming stressors. Other things remind us of bad times in our lives. These are things that, in order to have the best relationship possible with God, we need to get rid of.

We seem to take stress and worry, and clutter it into our minds. Learn to let go of whatever is cluttering your mind and keeps you from having a happy, healthy heart. Throw out whatever is distracting you today. Simplify your life. Dedicate yourself to God instead of the world. Declutter yourself today.

In Him,

Halle Nelsen

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