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Give Preference to One Another

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The month of May officially begins today! As the weather begins to warm up and nature starts to blossom let us look to God's creation and see the joy all around us. He has given us so much to be thankful for and has truly blessed each of us with his love, kindness, forgiveness, creation, church, and only Son. He is the master we aught to serve and the only master which can guarantee us eternal peace and joy in heaven.

As we start the month off lets be eager to serve one another and support one another in anyway that we can. As a family we should be an active part of each others lives growing as individuals and as a body and learning to rely on one another in honesty and humility. Don't let yourself be distanced from this work assuming others will take care of it but you yourself be an active part of the church. We must own our own faith; there are no 'floating on the curtails of others' in Christianity. Our God is a loving benevolent supplier and so too should we be with each other.

Don't forget as you are about this work to make a note of the who's and what's of your efforts in the folder out in the church foyer.

Let us also remember our brothers and sisters who have recently come forward as well as those recently added to the Lord's body. God calls us to be a family thicker than blood; giving preference to one another. We are only ever a phone call away.

In Him,


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