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New Fruits

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I apologize for the late entry this week but nevertheless here it is. As a word of encouragement I would like to thank the church for their love and support and for uniting together to help us celebrate the coming of our little one. It has been such a blessing for me, personally, to see the work and love of the Lord abounding in you all. Its especially apparent to me being the recipient of much of that love and work. So for that I thank you.

Continue steadfast in this charge and you will find the joys of giving and selflessness easily overtaking the desires of self and world. Bare the fruits of the spirit and be proud in serving our loving and forgiving master. Don't be afraid to be the one person in the room, or in your family, or at your work place who stands up for Godliness. You never know who's watching or listening and who's heart is waiting to be pricked.

God has given so much for us and asks so little in return. Let us not view the caring of one another as a chore but abound zealously in work which profits others. We often go excruciatingly far out of our way to do things for ourselves; for self gain. Can you imagine a world in which we put that same effort and energy into serving others? That's what the church is called to be like. I encourage you to go beyond the names listed here, to extend past your comfort zone, to make a conscious change in your day to put on selflessness. Let us make this a week for others! I pray for your strength, honesty, humility, patience, and zeal.

In Him,


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