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The Church Knows Not the Sound of Silence

Whether in dense silence or in overwhelming noise, we are a people capable of talking, even without speaking. We are called to stand out in the world, such that we emulate God’s light in our lives (Matt 5:14-16). It’s always a wonderful thing to be able to sit and talk with someone about our Lord, but in recent days, the medium of linguistic communication has become a violent battlefield of ideas where none are spared and mouths are hushed. Our lifestyle however, Christ’s lifestyle, holds a message that can’t be silenced.

When we shine, the world might plug its ears and go Lalalalala! But even so, they can still hear even without listening. We must be confident enough in our walk with God that people can’t help but notice we march to the beat of a different drum; to God’s drum. And with God as our metronome, our feet will never lose their step (Prov 3:26). Many may join in on that march out of curiosity without realizing it, and opportunities could become more abundant than we might realize.

God wrote for us a song to sing. This song isn’t one that our voices can afford to never share. Amazing Grace, we’ve been blessed! When the air is tense from ideological disparities, few dare disturb the sound of the silence. But if we truly believe in the reality of God, the reality of Heaven, and the reality of Hell, then like Jeremiah, our bones ought to burn with a fiery desire to sing God’s message to the world that they might know (Jer 20:718).

We can’t remain silent in hopes that someone else will eventually speak up. We often pray for those around us who are lost in the world so that ‘someone’ might show them the Way. Well, perhaps God put ME in the lives of those I come in contact with for such a reason! After all, as a Christian, I am an ambassador for the Lord (2 Cor 5:11-21). I think back with a heavy heart to missed opportunities where I let silence succeed, and can’t help but think myself a fool. We can’t let silence like a cancer grow.

But it isn’t easy to speak up and stand out against such a vitriolic current. We can be nice and do ‘good’ in the name of ‘love’, and we can keep our heads low to avoid painful confrontation in the name of ‘love’. But what is more loving than showing someone the Way to heaven through Jesus (John 14:6)? And though a strong irony will grow out of the accusations of hate we’ll no doubt receive, is it ‘hatred’ to correct someone in error? Would it be ‘hatred’ to call someone out when they're lying? Would it be ‘hatred’ to stop someone from murdering someone else? If we actually loved someone, we would stand in defiance to silence and speak to them the truth, even if they be brothers and sisters in Christ. God would have it that none should perish (Matt 18:10-19).

The first and greatest commandment is to love God with our all; the second is to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matt 22:37-40). These two charges hold us responsible for acting in boldness against the will of silence. God wants His words to be heard through us so that like us, others can be taught. God wants the world to take His arms through us so that like us, others can be saved. And though our efforts might like silent raindrops fall, we can’t let the echoes of silence mute God’s voice in us. Let us stand, march, and sing as God’s own in this world.

In Him,

Alex Galbier

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