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50% Christian

And just like that, I judged them. I lowered myself to the standards of thinking I was somehow better of a person than them. Judgement ( Matthew 7:1-3) is where it may start and eventually it grows into something worse (James 1:15). Being a Christian is not such an easy task, in fact, it may be the hardest one of all. We seem to only give God 50% of ourselves and pretend like the other 50% is somehow going to add up to be a perfect 100%. We dismiss that snap judgment we just made about a person we just came in contact with or perhaps it was a different form of sin that we seem to be calling ‘acceptable’.

We give ourselves the label Christian and acknowledge that we are in some way or another better than everyone else in this contaminated place we live in. I mean of course on a spiritual level we should view ourselves higher per say, but the way we seem to be perceiving ourselves as superior over others of the world is pointless. We are not better than the people of the world because we have choosingly accepted God into our lives and have been baptized for the remission of our sins (Mark 16:16). We should be wiser because we do indeed have God and we should be an example to others, but even that does not give us a free trip to heaven. It is a continuous walk with the Lord (Deuteronomy 5:33, 8:6).

I have always had this sense of thinking I am considerably better than people of the world. Evidently, because I do have God in my life, yet I still seem to think it is tolerable to remain a 50% Christian at times. Recalling that I’ll always remain a Christian just because I have been raised in a Christian family is foolish of me if I am neglecting my faith and there is no growth in my walk with Christ. We seem to treat our faith like an alarm clock and we begin to snooze God. Maybe we start to snooze Him on the little things such as judgment. Hang on God , while I go ahead and gossip about these people. It goes back to all those other sins we categorize as ‘ acceptable’. We seem to just start to snooze God so we can accomplish all those ‘okay’ sins.

Each day it’s a different story. There soon starts to always be something that we keep putting in front of God. Something that prevents us from growing in our walk with God. When we keep snoozing God we will start to realize the consequence it can cause. Just like when we snooze our alarm and we eventually become late. When we keep snoozing our actual alarm more than once it’s much easier to just stay asleep. The more we snooze God the harder it will be to fulfill living out our lives truly invested in Him. The problem is when we snooze God, we end up snoozing our eternal life ( Roman 6:23).

In Christ,

Natalie Corbelli

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