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The Power of Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness lies not in the granting of, but the asking of.

We reflect back on our memories, reliving old glory days, remembering the fondness of holidays and time well spent. We recall the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, the hardships of life, and, most often the people who made life hard for us. The people who have hurt us and lashed out. The people you know, if they would just come to you and apologize and ask for your forgiveness and by doing so wash away all those bad memories. If only they would ask. If only they could have been accountable to themselves to heal your old wounds.

Memories are a funny thing though. Whats often missing from our memories? We remember each instance in which WE have been wronged. Our point of view, our artistic perspective or vantage point is painfully one-sided. We're so used to seeing the world from those two little globes centered on our face that we forget we can still see our nose and cheekbones.

What about the other way around. How strong are those memories in which we've wronged another. Guilt is a magical force. It will distort reality until our reflections are far removed from the actual. It will taint our memories until we are no longer at fault. How well do we remember and reflect on each instance in which we let a grievance we inflicted go unmended. How well do we remember those times in which we should have swallowed our pride and apologized, but never did.

We often focus on the nature of forgiveness in reference to the forgiver. Its easy to imagine that the power of forgiveness is held in the hands of the wronged. In part it is. Imagine, however, that no one ever ASKED for forgiveness. What power is there for the one that would grant it? The power of forgiveness lies in the hands of the asker.

Our Lord begs us to come to him when we are broken. He cries for you to lean on him. He tells us we have but to ask and it shall be granted abundantly.

We cannot provide restitution for every thing we have done in the past; we can do our very best to right those wrongs when able, but we live daily striving to serve God because Jesus came and died. He was our restitution for our sins. Let us live boldly, continuously, and purposefully for Him. Let us reflect on the past and mend where able, and always be about His work; in all things, in all ways, at all times.

In Him,


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