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Accountable Actions

I was watching my 8-month old daughter, Gia, play the other day. She was standing by the bookshelf yanking off everything within her little arms reach. After a short time, she had created a floor of partially opened books and bent pages. Content with the chaos she had created, Gia plopped down on the pile of books and began to contemplate the existential matter that is her life. After a few looks around and a couple spastic kicks later she decided she wanted to play at her standing activity table just a foot away. Maneuvering through the gauntlet of books, she managed to pull herself upright at the table and began haphazardly pressing buttons and flipping switches. What she did not realize was that one foot was standing on top of a small thin paper book. I watched in amusement as her feet slowly began to spread as the book slipped across the floor. Wide stance as she was she finally lost her balance and flopped on her rear. I could see the look of confusion on her face, not knowing why the universe was out to foil her little plans. She couldn’t connect the dots. She failed to see how her previous actions (pulling the books off the shelf with wild abandon) had led to her falling while at the activity table (the book under her foot). Of course, she’s only 8-months old though. She cannot be held accountable for her actions.

Brethren, our walk in Christ ought not be like Gia’s; confused and bumbling actions. While she is pardoned because of her unknowing, we cannot feign the same innocence or ignorance. We are every bit accountable for our actions and our thoughts (1 Cor 9: 26-27). We are no longer children tossed to and fro (Eph 4:14). We are no longer slaves but sons (Gal 4: 1-7) and because we are sons we are heirs of God and heirs to the promise. All has been revealed to us; the full plan of salvation is rightfully ours to know and freely offered for us to take.

Be encouraged by the knowledge that we don’t have a piece or a part of the whole plan. Our understanding is complete and made full in the work of our Lord, Jesus. But that gift of knowledge comes with a hefty price tag; accountability and responsibility. To know God is a choice. To not know God is just as much a choice. We choose each and every day whether we want to open our Bibles. Bible time or TV time, prayer time or garage time, study time or phone time, fellowship time or couch time. Every action we make has a measureable consequence (thank Newton for that one); whether that be our growth in Christ or our distancing from the church. Every step we take in our walk is a calculated, traceable, accountable choice.

Take ownership of your actions and your faith; let honest study and reflection guide you into the arms of our Lord.

In Him,


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